Saturday 8 March 2014

TD-22 Crossover Fitting Instructions: Worst translation ever.

I've seen some poorly advised English language translations on instruction-manuals in my time, mainly from Japan, but this one is from China and possibly the worst ever. By the way, the Oxford definition of 'aggrandiser' is something that increases the power, status or wealth of, or artificially enhances the reputation of. Right... I'm guessing that must mean Amplifier.


1. When the deferred switch circuit exports a decrease pounding to the aggrandiser and bass cannon creation shaking off a lead plane thereby coming untied and shutting machine down electric current disturbs the aggrandiser trumpet issuing beat sound.

2. Built-in deferred switch circuit output and high VF of plain vehicle audio import low VF RCA when the audio exporting the automobile resolving a first wife thereby adds the dress power aggrandiser the switch line and RCA do not output but design that.


  1. This is not a crossover!!!! It is a line to level converter .not a crossover.but the instructions are just plain hilarious lol

    1. Is that not just another name for a crossover? Yes it's a very basic one, but surely a X-over is doing the same job but more complex? Yes you're right though, and yes I love Chinese manufacturing. The only surprise is that 'caution: harmful to fish' and 'do not operate after drinking wine' never made it in there.

    2. Hi Beemer_Lab, I enjoyed reading your posts. Good on you for doing this. To answer your question, it's different from a cross-over because this simply increases impedance from a high level input (speaker wires as these have low impedance) and converts it to a low level (high impedance) output. So there is no change to the frequencies ultimately being fed into the speakers. A cross-over receives a frequency (be it high level or low level) and then restricts what goes out. So a low pass cross-over allows all the frequency below some level to go through (e.g., for a subby). Whereas you would use a high pass for tweeters, and a combination of the two for mid-ranges (I forget what these are called!). The cross-overs can reduce the undesired frequencies by between 6-24dB depending on quality. Cheers!

  2. At work we call this language Chinglish, and for the Japanese Jinglish!